OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEasternHell.com is a place for people to share what is happening to them within Newfoundland and Labrador’s health care system. While much good work is being done in health care, the failures continue to occur and patients continue to suffer. Often working long hours with less than adequate resources and unreasonable workloads, health care workers also suffer.

This site aims to raise awareness about the true state of our health care system in order to activate forward motion that makes a positive difference. Building an archive of stories can become a meaningful component in a movement for real change – a movement that demands comprehensive care and respect for dignity from all health care providers; that insists on respectful interaction, assurance of confidentiality and a high standard of conduct from all health care professionals; that provides a well-resourced, secure work environment for health care professionals; a movement that includes advocacy for those who have not been heard,  recourse for those who have been wronged and independent mechanisms that assure accountability.

EasternHell.com also meets with a group of concerned citizens who are working towards a larger movement calling for:

* Immediate Action on understaffing and lack of resources in Emergency Rooms and for Mental Health Support Services in the province and

* The implementation of policies and new strategies that ensure comprehensive care and dignity for patients in every corner of Eastern Health – with immediate attention given to Senior’s Care, and to resources and supports for Juveniles and for Persons with Disabilities.

The group is also exploring the formation of an independent, arms-length Patient Advocacy Group to advocate for patients on an individual case-by-case basis as well as advocating for comprehensive patient-centred care for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

If you would like to become involved please contact us – easternhell@gmail.com

EasternHell.com wants your stories – send us your experiences, comments, photographs and videos. To find out how to submit your story  please visit the Tell Us Your Story page or email us at easternhell@gmail.com

People suffering from or affected with illness, when in need of a hospital, are vulnerable and require and deserve the most attentive care at all stages of a hospital visit. Anything but access to the most kind and knowledgeable caregivers is unconscionable. People’s lives depend their treatment, as well as a hospital in aseptic state – free of pathogenic microorganisms to cause further problems“. Deborah Alana, artist


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