Woman’s Muscle Spasms Diagnosed as “A Water Infection”

A few years back, I woke up one morning with excruciating pain in my back on the side.  It was so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed without my husband assisting me.  I made a visit to the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre emergency room to determine the cause of my pain as I had not had similar pain in the past and could not recall anything specific that I had done to cause the pain.

I waited to see the doctor for quite a while, so long that I was considering leaving because it was so uncomfortable for me to sit up.  The nurse finally came in and told me that they would need a urine sample.  I was very confused by this request, but obliged.  I waited and waited and still no doctor came in to see me.  Finally, the nurse came back with a prescription and told me to go home. I told her that I hadn’t even seen the doctor yet and asked her what the prescription was for. She looked at me and left.

Shortly after, the doctor in emergency came in and sat down.  He proceeded to tell me that there were only 2 things that caused back pain in women – “a water infection and being pregnant and you’re not pregnant!”  I couldn’t believe that he said that!  I just looked at my husband in disbelief.  And all this time, I had no idea that women had these super powers, that only 2 things could cause back pain!!!!  Had I known, I could have put my extraordinary strength and intolerance to pain to good use!  What a joke!!

I knew I did not have an infection and told him that, but it made no difference.  He did not do any other tests or examine me at all.  I threw the prescription in the garbage as I left the hospital.  I got up the next morning, the pain was still there, just as intense as the day before.  I decided very hesitantly to return to emergency, hoping that another doctor would be on that day.  Luckily, I ended up with a good one.  He examined me from head to toe, moved my legs around trying to figure out what side was affected.

After a short while, he determined that I was having muscle spasms.  I said to myself “yeah, that sounds right.”  He gave me an injection in my hip and I swear the pain was gone before I even got back to my car in the parking lot.  I was lucky that day, I actually managed to get a doctor that gave a s**t.  I then told the doctor that the previous doctor had told me I had a water infection the day before.  He looked at my chart and said he wasn’t sure why he came to that conclusion as there was nothing in the test results that would warrant him to make that decision.  My thoughts exactly!!! But yet, there’s nothing wrong with our health care system!  Bulls**t!!!!  Misdiagnosis and being prescribed medication that is unnecessary is an all too common part of EH. And then you wonder why when you need the medication, it won’t work.

Some, not all doctors, are not one bit concerned about you, only how many claims they can put in to get the almighty dollar in their pocket. They are certainly not a rare breed!!!  They’re everywhere!

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